Using VoIP to check into the BCPSN

I have been using an VoIP phone lately to check into the BC Public Service net. When I check in I am connecting over the internet. To remote control the radio I log into the BCIT ARC computer and control it using VNC. The remote control is via the IC7600′s USB port. I use Ham Radio Deluxe in order to use the VFO and cause the radio to transmit. The radio also has a USB soundcard in it which allows me to operate the radio from the soft phone. My audio (SIP g911/g729) goes via the BCWARN network over the radio shot, not via the internet like the remote-control traffic. Using the BCWARN link I connect to the core network and can reach the SIP server at the main server location out at UBC.

The audio quality is great and no one knew that I was remote until I told them. The latency is also not an issue.


Here it is in video

ARRL VHF QSO Party 2011 VE7SCC Portable CO90

Me “operating” the contest when band was shifting. I typically call/run during contests but in this first video I am running around the band looking for others. In this video I end up working XE2K in DM22 Mexico which is a pretty damn good contact on 6 meters. I also worked WA7JTM in DM46 (Grand Canyon) who had a massive signal from his location.

In this video I am running up the contacts from inside the station. We set up a low power FM transmitter inside so that we could listen to the operating position from outside of the building. In the video you will see the other operators and the microwave site we camped out at.

All of the videos in this series are filmed by VE7HHS.

Thynne attempt – Spring 2009

Old video taken and edited by VE7STK of a few of us that enjoy VHF contesting. This is us attempting to go to Thynne Mountain towards Merritt BC. Ryan (VE7STK) rallied his Chevy Impala, I got my Ford Ranger stuck in a snow drift over a cattle guard, and Ian (VE7HHS) helped pull me out with his Land Cruiser.

Here is where we were trying to get to: