Why another ham site?

On this site I am going to show projects I have worked on that have any relevancy to amateur radio to showcase that ham radio can be fun and educational. I want to try dispel the current stigma that hangs over ham radio. Here is my attempt.

What to expect on this site?

I hope to share anything I learn, find interesting, or just want to share, about the hobby, my projects, events, and the like. Currently this site has been posted in the Radio Amateurs of Canada magazine as being an “interesting site” due to the Google Calendar which is share on this page. This calendar contains a up-to-date (as best as possible) calendar of club meetings, public nets, and items which might be of interest to the hams in this area – The Greater Vancouver area and Fraser Valley specifically.

About me?

Well, I am a 20-something ham who enjoys taking part in technical projects like APRS builds, the BCWARN network, and HF/VHF Contesting. I work in telecommunications as a network technician, which has been greatly aided by the many things I have learned over the course of being a ham. Building antennas and then testing them has recently been my favorite aspect of this hobby, or at least is one of two aspects currently eating my spare time.

How can I contribute?

Share with me anything that you find interesting for ham radio which pertains to projects you are doing, and I will gladly share that with the Internet. I am also always interested in corrections/additions/edits to anything on the calendar. If you would like to become an editor on the calendar and have a Google account please contact me.

Where to find me?

  • Email, ve7wnk at ve7wnk dot ca
  • 146.505Mhz – Simplex
  • 147.210Mhz – VE7RES Linked Repeater System
  • 147.060Mhz – VE7RQL Repeater
  • APRS

Is there anything other than Amateur Radio that interests you?

Yes! Yes there is! Data communication, networking, encryption and weather are all things that interest me. Networking/Datacomm is my 9-5 but it also satisfies me to tinker with networking gear, routing protocols, and firewalls. I recently completed a degree in computer forensics as I find that subject to be very interesting.

I am an amateur weather observer. This last xmas my wonderful Fiancee gave me a compact weather station that I have been watching like a hawk. It is interesting to see how obvious patterns can be, and just how crazy it gets when something changes.

Cheers, VE7WNK