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I had a chance to meet Leo Laporte after he moderated the “Broadcast Minds” function at NAB 2012

Bob and Leo

Bob and Leo

News in Amateur Radio

The last little while has been pretty large for net-casting on the subject of Ham Radio. Bob Heil of Heil Sound has started a net-cast (podcast) on called Ham Nation. The show is aired on the TWiT network, which was founded by new ham Leo Laporte.

Ham radio really first surfaced on This Week in Radio Tech (TWiRT), a show hosted by four broadcast engineers on the matters related to broadcast radio and TV stations. TWiRT is Kirk Harnack‘s project, and Harnack started his show shortly after installing an Axia Audio console when the TWiT network started growing. Ham radio proved to be a popular matter when discussed on Kirks net-cast since a large number of Leo’s followers are also current or prospective hams. Bob Heil has been a ham for many years and his company has been providing the TWiT Network with PR40 (and other) microphones since the early days.

As mentioned, Leo is now a certified amateur radio operator and has the call sign KJ6QGP assigned to him. Following with the TWiT nomenclature, he has applied for W6TWT for use at the TWiT Brick House Studio.

Heil is a few shows into the net-cast now and so far hams young and old have been finding it worth listening.

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Bob – VE7WNK