APRS is a system to report the location of a amateur radio station. It works by sending one’s Lat/Long in a data burst which is received by other APRS stations. Initially this system was used for propagation sampling using GPS coordinates. Once people realized that they could inject their current location in realtime into the system they started using it to show their location as they were mobile. Now it is better known for this capability than it’s intended use.

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Here is my current location:

You can find an easier to navigate version of this page at stalk.ve7wnk.ca

Here is the device that I use to get my GPS location on the air. One end will connect to a GPS unit which provides NMEA data on RS232 at 4800baud. The other end connects to the radio AF-in (Audio In), AF-out (Audio Out), PTT (Push to Talk), and the vehicle/station ground.

This is the Byonics TT4

Byonics TT4

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