Using VoIP to check into the BCPSN

I have been using an VoIP phone lately to check into the BC Public Service net. When I check in I am connecting over the internet. To remote control the radio I log into the BCIT ARC computer and control it using VNC. The remote control is via the IC7600′s USB port. I use Ham Radio Deluxe in order to use the VFO and cause the radio to transmit. The radio also has a USB soundcard in it which allows me to operate the radio from the soft phone. My audio (SIP g911/g729) goes via the BCWARN network over the radio shot, not via the internet like the remote-control traffic. Using the BCWARN link I connect to the core network and can reach the SIP server at the main server location out at UBC.

The audio quality is great and no one knew that I was remote until I told them. The latency is also not an issue.


Here it is in video