3710 Audio tests from BCIT

Recordings from the BCIT ARC. Many hams were chatting on 3710kc about their audio quality after a station ended up with some RF (maybe) on their signal.

The following is audio captured at 44100hz mono on BCIT’s IC7600 with filters set to 3.6kHz. I have opted NOT to encode this to MP3 as it will ruin the fidelity, so it’s in 16PCM audio.

Link 1: 3710_1908PDT.wav (61MB)

Link 2: 3710_1937PDT.wav (107MB)

Note: There is white space (silence) in the audio, that is due to me transmitting and I have the monitor circuit disabled. Thanks to the BCIT ARC (VE7BFC).

Here is the LIVE audio (well, about 15seconds behind).



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