Unlicenced use of the two meter band

Here is the audio from my call with Dave Cameron, VE7LTD, regarding unlicensed use of the two meter band by paragliders.

We were discussing a bulletin released by RAC discussing this matter. http://rac.ca/en/news/bulletins/2012/49/ Dave was working up at a repeater site in Penticton BC which was just a few kilometers from a launch site being used for the Canadian Paragliding National Championships 2012. The issue started when Dave heard the traffic and noticed that there was no identification happening. Dave was not too concerned until he did a little research and found that on the organizer’s rule book for the event they had required that all pilots use a frequency in the ham bands.

8. Communication
8.1 Safety frequency is 146.415 MHz. All pilots must have radios equipped to receive and transmit on this frequency.
8.2 All pilots must submit cellphone numbers during registration.
A cell phone is required so that the organizers can ensure communication with a pilot in case of failure to report at the end the day’s task.
8.3 For pilots using SPOTS, contact information will be given out during registration.

RAC has engaged IC who reminded the group of the requirement to hold proper certifications and the group agreed to do their best to comply. The organizers did mention that it was particularly difficult to police this as they have no idea who is and who is not a licensed operator. Dave did go through the list of names and found that of the Canadian participants, at least 40% of their names were found in the RAC callsign database.

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