A QSO with Leo Laporte W6TWT

I had a chance to operate on 20meters with Leo Laporte W6TWT. Take a listen to this MP3, it says it all.

Most of us in the ham community are familiar with Heil Sound for exceptional products, headsets and microphones for ham radio applications, and even podcasts – infact this was recoded on a Heil PR40, next weekend I’ll have a heil headset on for CQ WW SSB.

Heil sounds’ founder Bob Heil is, unsurprisingly, a ham himself. For the last few months Bob has been running a Audio and Video podcast from Leo Laporte’s TWiT Brickhouse studios. Leo is a new ham and earlier this week Bob encouraged LEO W6TWT to sit down and operate on HF. Leo was sitting in petaluma and remotely controlling an IC7800 at K3LR (Western pensilvania) the world famous mega multi-multi station. Well, it just so happened that yours truely had a chance to work leo from my remote set up…here’s how it sounded on his site.

To see the video version of this site here.

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