I am going to NAB!!

See you in Vegas! I will be there from Sunday thru Wednesday. I will probably not be able to attend the ham-radio reception, however I will be posting as many photos and content as possible.


A trip to WWV

Here is a quick post to let you know about my recent excusion to the WWV transmitter location in Fort Collins Colorado. If you are a ham radio operator who has never heard of the WWV time clocks I encourage you to submit your amateur radio credentials to me for shredding. For non-hams you can read about it via wikipedia as they have an excellent article featuring WWVB.

I was in Littleton CO in the middle of December to meet the remaining members of my girlfriend’s family who I had yet to meet. I had no vehicle and the WWV site is about 120km North of Littleton where I was staying. My girlfriend and I were going to go there when she showed me the little town of Fort Lupton, however we did not go as the sun sets by 5pm and we were late leaving. The next day we went tubing and her mom surprised me by saying that we were going to to Ft. Collins to check out some geeky towers. They did not know how big of a deal WWV is to ham radio nerds…A huge thanks to Connie!!!

Here is a photo I snapped after WWV went into night mode:

WWV in night mode

WWV in night mode

This is the location where I was photographing.

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To see the photos and video that I uploaded you can view them on my other server at wenko.ca/wwv

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Bob — VE7WNK.ca

Hacker reveals plan to occupy airwaves [KGO-TV ABC7]

Very interesting story, watch.

Written version available HERE.

A QSO with Leo Laporte W6TWT

I had a chance to operate on 20meters with Leo Laporte W6TWT. Take a listen to this MP3, it says it all.

Most of us in the ham community are familiar with Heil Sound for exceptional products, headsets and microphones for ham radio applications, and even podcasts – infact this was recoded on a Heil PR40, next weekend I’ll have a heil headset on for CQ WW SSB.

Heil sounds’ founder Bob Heil is, unsurprisingly, a ham himself. For the last few months Bob has been running a Audio and Video podcast from Leo Laporte’s TWiT Brickhouse studios. Leo is a new ham and earlier this week Bob encouraged LEO W6TWT to sit down and operate on HF. Leo was sitting in petaluma and remotely controlling an IC7800 at K3LR (Western pensilvania) the world famous mega multi-multi station. Well, it just so happened that yours truely had a chance to work leo from my remote set up…here’s how it sounded on his site.

To see the video version of this site here.

Lack of updates…

Hey followers,

You may have noticed a lack of updates of the last while. This is because I have been in the middle of a research project that has kept me busy. I am a BCIT student and my graduation project has me tinkering with in-car electronics systems looking for vulnerabilities. This research has lead me into looking into some really interesting RF-related systems which are used to attack the car’s internal wireless systems. Once I have more info I will make it available.

I am going to be slow with updates, so please don’t mistake this for any abandonment of this website. Thanks for following!