FD 2011 with VE7SCC

Again, as in past years, the Coquitlam, New Westminster and Burnaby clubs are combining for the largest field day exercise in Western Canada. Come check it out after 1400 at the location below on the map

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Found: Old Video from Thynne Mtn Fall VHF Contest.

Safety third. Here is video of VE7HHS up the portable tower on Thynne Mtn. You can’t tell from the video but it is at, or below zero up at this hill top. This was the first, and basically only, blue sky we had for the whole trip. Notice how fast the clouds are ripping by!

RAC Winter Contest at VE7SCC

The Coquitlam club is hosting the RAC Winter Contest at their location again this year. The Surrey club will be joining, and bringing two portable crank up towers. This will be a social event as well as a contest and if you are interested in joining the Coquitlam Club, this is the perfect time to come out and see the facility. I am sure they would appreciate the membership as well!

Due to the fact that I am on vacation in the interior I will not be attending. Disappointing that the contest always seems to be happening when I am away for the holidays.

The contest is being organized by VE7HHS and VE7DUI from SCC and a few folks from the Surrey club.

When the contest is running you can watch the live video here:

Cornwall VHF Contest 2009

This came after the posting below. Here we actually made it to the place we wanted to go, and operated. You will see the towers and antennae that we drug up the hill with us, the operating position, and a wild fire that started while we were up on the hill. We called the fire in, gave it’s location from the BC Forestry Lookout, which was once manned. When we called they had no idea where we were; sad really. The second fire was most exciting as we were the first to report it.

Again, video credits go to Ryan VE7STK

Thynne attempt – Spring 2009

Old video taken and edited by VE7STK of a few of us that enjoy VHF contesting. This is us attempting to go to Thynne Mountain towards Merritt BC. Ryan (VE7STK) rallied his Chevy Impala, I got my Ford Ranger stuck in a snow drift over a cattle guard, and Ian (VE7HHS) helped pull me out with his Land Cruiser.

Here is where we were trying to get to: